Our Purpose

Agape is a non-denominational, charismatic fellowship, with a diverse group of people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Our Purpose

  • To be a house of restoration, refreshing, and rest.
  • To worship the Lord and seek his face.
  • To share His love, and build up and equip God's people.
  • To spread the gospel both here and to the nations.

Path To Eternity

 What a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky

 Singing birds in the trees as the geese all fly by

If our days were like this the rest of our life

No worries or care, sorrow or strife

If our whole life through we would know what to do

Come what may, forever and a day,

We will all be together some day.


The time of our Lord is drawing near

For all God's children to stand and cheer

So believe in God, for He is near

And coming soon

So take my hand and follow me

Down the path to eternity.

 - Lucille K. McGill, 1926 - 2014




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